May 12, 2013

We also wanted to share with you our thoughts about the tour guide you recommended,

Dear Sheila,

Just wanted to write to you to let you know what a wonderful time we had in Israel. Thanks for your help in making it all happen.

We also wanted to share with you our thoughts about the tour guide you recommended,
Gadi Bar Shalom.
Gadi is a charming and entertaining individual and having him as our guide felt very much as if we were traveling with a friend. He’s friendly, witty and has an engaging style.
His life and growth parallels that of his beloved country. As a result, he was able to offer a unique perspective of his homeland. Having spent nearly all his life on a kibbutz, Gadi was able to share with us
His deep appreciation and love for the land and it’s people was obvious.
Our conversations concerning religion and politics were fascinating.
Gadi was able to bring all aspects of Israel to life, both ancient and modern, and he
did so in a most personable and enjoyable manner. We all learned a great deal on this trip, and more important than the sites we saw, was the knowledge that we gained.
We hope to one day see both Gadi and Israel again.

Michele and Murray Roffe
Laura and Gil Stein

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