June 19, 2014

Bar Mitzvah in israel

Bar Mitzvah TourCelebrating a Bar Mitzvah in the Holy Land is a unique opportunity
to strengthen your child’s roots and ties with Israel as well as his or her overall
awareness of Judaism.

We’re fully conscious of the significance of this special event and

we therefore put our vast experience

to work for you ensure a remarkable and memorable ceremony  tour 

We’ll tailor-make your  individualized  itinerary , to include sites of interest for the every member of the family.

Grant your child the opportunity to learn about Judaism and Israel not only from a books, but to experience it directly through a visit to the   Land .

We will ensure an experience that you and your family will remember the tour for a long time.
Special offer : We can arrange to conduct the actual ceremony at the Wailing Wall or Massada 
Share your special wishes and ideas with us, and we will make them real .

We are able to bring a Rabbi according to your choice of venue.
Here is a list of some of the things you can do and places you can visit
any of these can be combined to create your

individualized itinerary .
The possibilities are many,

We will advise, help and secure your itinerary, with our expertise.

Archaelogical digs

Jeep trips
Rafting  and kyacking on the Jordan river: day /moonlit
Special meals in unique settings
Camel riding in the desert
Tree planting in a JNF forest.
Vesite to Kibbutzim,factories and agricultural sites

Shooting in shooting range

Drive ATV’or Buggies.



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